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Lela Hernandez is a director, filmmaker and screenwriter. Her works have been featured in several Virginia film festivals, the most recent being her film Making a Monster which won Best Short Film and Best Overall in the 2023 Monarch Film Festival. Lela is a recent graduate of Old Dominion University and has a BA in Film and Cinema Production with a focus in directing. She has worked on several narrative short films, documentaries and done commercial work in partnership with local businesses including The City of Chesapeake, TRS productions and Old Dominion University. Lela is a hardworking, collaborative filmmaker with a strong eye for performative storytelling, visual aesthetic and composition. Lela was raised with a military background where she developed a love for stories about strong family bonds and beauty found within a community.


Allen Sawyer has been involved with multiple film projects in which he has also worn multiple "hats" ranging from PA to Boom Op to Production Mixer. He also freelances as a videographer in the Hampton Roads area and prefers to work with cameras, but won't shy away from a new experience in a different role

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